Open Air

Open Air

Future classic.

Open Air takes on the best features of our existing glamping products and connects them into a new Open Air story. When developing the new product, we had in mind how to bring living even closer to nature, with an inspired combination of practicality and recognizable Adria design. The connection between indoors and outdoors has never been presented in such a way. Spaciousness, airiness and authenticity were the main guidelines for the development of the tent, which we believe will quickly make its mark in the tourism industry. The new Open Air mobile glamping tent has been created to give an entirely new and unforgettable indoor-outdoor living experience.

Exterior features

Open Air provides a new approach in terms of giving more freedom to the user. A completely new exterior design with glued wooden construction, enables architectural multifunctionality and stability. For even greater comfort and safety, the spaciousness of the entrance can be optionally upgraded with a panoramic glass door. The spacious side terrace can be used for family gatherings or as a place for entertainment.


As soon as you enter the Open Air tent, you will be overwhelmed by the ease of your stay and the feeling of pleasant homeliness. You can choose between the prestigious Couple and the Family version. The interior has been designed with a fresh color approach to the summer atmosphere and is full of new details. Interior walls with brushed colored wood, enhance the feeling of warmth at home. The connectivity of the living spaces led to comfort. The main element and heart of the Open Air tent is the island kitchen, also accessible from the outside from the integrated spacious side terrace. Undoubtedly a classic of the future.

Interior features

Indoors, Open Air delivers on practicality and comfort. The interior is designed to elevate the experience to a whole new level. The rooms are airy and connected, yet designed to offer a sufficient degree of privacy. Every space evokes feelings of comfort and everything is in the right place. Bedrooms, kitchen, central dining room, with Adria’s intelligent design approach, the user will quickly find their favorite place. With Open Air's spacious side terrace, the natural ambiance is truly special.



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