Adria Warranty

1. Warranty


The customer shall receive a full warranty (for components and work), which is valid for two (2) years from the date of purchase for any factory defects or hidden defects. The manufacturer is legally obliged to replace all the faulty parts free of charge, in a case the warranty is granted.
For certain components, that are listed below, the warranty is valid for 5 (five) years, for consumables (aerators, shower hoses, seals, shower handles) the warranty period is 1 year.

Warranty is valid when the product is used in accordance with the Operating instructions.

1.1. Subject of Warranty

The Warranty shall only cover defects or hidden defects on components listed below, which result from an improper manufacturing or from defects of materials.
5-YEAR WARRANTY shall apply to the watertightness and rusting of the structural elements of the roof, chassis, exterior panels and door and window frames. Levelling of the house is a requirement.

2-YEAR WARRANTY shall apply for the deviation of the edge band and for the rusting of the furniture fittings. Damage caused using aggressive cleaning agents, water exposure or the indirect effect of salt on coastal locations is not the subject of a complaint.

2-YEAR WARRANTY shall apply on lights, and a 12-month warranty on LED strips. Lamps (bulbs) are consumables and are not covered by the warranty.

5-YEAR WARRANTY shall apply for single-lever fittings. The warranty only applies to ceramic parts, which are an integral part of sanitary fittings. For consumables (aerators, shower hoses, seals, shower handles, ceramic closures), the warranty period is 1 year.
2-YEAR WARRANTY shall apply to the thermostatic valve ceramic parts and the housing. For consumables (aerators, shower hoses, seals, shower handles) the warranty period is 1 year.
In the event of sand in the water supply system, the warranty on the wear of mechanical parts is not valid.

Warranty on built in appliances is specified by each respective manufacturer. Terms and conditions are described in their user guides, which are delivered with the mobile homes. Contact an authorized service centre in your country directly to make a complaint.

2-YEAR WARRANTY shall apply on the tightness of gas installations. The first start-up of a gas water heater must be carried out by an authorized contractor in the country of installation of the mobile home, organized by the buyer or owner of the mobile home.

2-YEAR WARRANTY shall apply on the tightness of the plumbing installation. After setting up a mobile home, it is mandatory to do a waterproof test, as damage to the wiring can occur during transport.

1.2. Exceptions

The warranty does not cover parts and/or components that have deteriorated more quickly due to negligence or improper use, poor maintenance, overload or carelessness (water pipes, shower trays, shower enclosures, wet bathroom and kitchen cabinets, additional unintended connections of electrical devices, etc.).
The warranty does not cover scratches on interior and exterior walls, doors and windows, PVC flooring, appliances and other equipment as identified after the handover. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover damages caused by the use of abrasives and solvents/dissolvers.

The manufacturer shall not guarantee the buyer any special features or ability to use the mobile home as declared in the EN 1647 standard.

1.3. Complaint procedure

Should a defect covered by the warranty occur, the costumer shall immediately, not later than within 7 business days of the occurrence of the defect, submit a complaint explaining all the detected deficiencies to the authorized representative of Adria Dom, through online service page or by e-mail, otherwise the damage suffered indirectly shall not be the subject of the warranty claim.

The costumer is required to provide at least the following information in the complaint:
- a description of the defect / damage
- picture or video content of the defect / damage
- chassis number of the product
- data, including contact details, of the customer.

Adria dom d.o.o., will make every effort to consider the complaint as soon as possible. The manufacturer reserves the right to accept or reject the complaint. Should the complaint be rejected, Adria dom d.o.o. will notify the costumer of reasons for refusing the warranty.

1.4. Warranty services

Should the complaint be accepted, in the scope of the warranty execution, Adria dom d.o.o. reserves the right to choose one of the following warranty services:
- Repair of a component
- Replacement of a component

During the services, the customer is not entitled to any compensation for the inability to use the mobile home. The replaced parts and/or components shall remain the property of the manufacturer.

Repairs carried out under warranty will not have the effect of extending the warranty.

1.5. Final provisions

Adria Dom is not liable for direct or indirect damage or commercial detriment (including loss of profits or revenue) caused to persons or things, even if the damage is caused by a defect or malfunction in the material sold. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any accidents and/or injuries to people or things that may occur while using the mobile home, even if the event was caused by the defect itself.

The liability of the manufacturer is, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, limited to the scope of the warranty defined in the previous indents.
These General provisions shall be governed by the laws of Slovenia.

Warranty and after-sales service

When you buy a mobile home from an Adria Dom d.o.o. retailer, the latter will sign a contract of sale with you setting out the general conditions governing the sale and the warranty.

Only the warranty conditions will apply to your mobile home. For any after-sales service problems, the retailer with which you signed your contract will be your sole contact. It will have the task of examining your after-sales service request, assessing the nature and cause of your problem, ordering any spare parts if necessary (retailers often have permanent stocks) and repairing your mobile home.

We recommend that, as soon as your mobile home has been received and installed, you should draw up an inventory with the seller.

2. Important cautions (summary)
2.1. Delivery and testing
When connecting the electrical wiring of the mobile home to the main electric panel, it is important to check whether the earthing system has been installed and whether the phase and neutral conductors have been connected correctly. The connection to the electric panel and the test must be carried out by an authorized electrical installer.
For your own safety, be sure to check whether the vents are clear of any blockages before using your mobile home for the first time.
The standard models of Adria Dom mobile homes are not intended for extreme climatic conditions (low temperature, high relative humidity, wind speed, etc.). If you want to install your mobile home in an area where such weather conditions may occur, please consult your sales representative who will inform you of any necessary changes or adjustments.

2.2. Installations and household appliances
The mains water connection to the mobile home must be easily accessible, which must be taken into account when installing auxiliary facilities and chassis cladding.

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents that could damage the drains to unclog the drain pipes. Damages caused by the use of aggressive cleaning agents or physical damage are not covered by the warranty.
Pipes with a diameter of 110 mm and 40 mm are used for the installation of wastewater drainage.
In order to reduce friction when connecting drain pipes, only use the appropriate prescribed products; do not use oil or grease under any circumstance.

Any changes to the electrical wiring may only be made by an approved electrical installer with the written confirmation of the mobile home manufacturer, otherwise any defects that may occur shall not be covered by the warranty, i.e. shall not be claimable.

Please note that covering or obstructing safety ventilation is prohibited, as is obstructing the gas cylinder compartment. If the mobile home comes equipped with a selector valve, it may only be installed by an approved fitter. If the gas pressure regulator is not an integral part of the gas installation itself, it must
be fitted right behind the gas cylinder in accordance with local legislation regarding the designated operating pressure. In the event of transporting the mobile home to another location, the gas cylinder must be shut off and physically removed from the gas cylinder compartment. Failure to heed these warnings will mean that any faults that may occur as a result will not be claimable under warranty. Any changes to the gas installation may only be made by an approved fitter.
In the event of wilful tampering with the gas installation, any defects or accidents resulting thereof shall not be claimable under warranty.

We recommend that you check the functioning of any household appliance before using it for the first time.
If the appliance does not work, first check for the presence of electrical voltage in the distribution panel. If the household appliance still fails to operate, contact an authorised repairer listed in the warranty booklet for that particular appliance. In the event of any kind of tampering with the household appliances, any defects or
accidents resulting thereof shall not be claimable under warranty. In the event of a water leak due to incorrect installation of the refrigerator drain pan or water
leakage due to improper cleaning, the damage resulting thereof shall not be claimable under warranty. In the event of wilful tampering with the installations of household appliances, any malfunctions or accidents resulting thereof shall not be covered by or claimable under the warranty.

2.3. Maintenance
Moisture under the chassis can seriously damage the structural load-bearing capacity of the floor and other parts of the mobile home. In the event of floor damage due to moisture as a result of not heeding the above warning, this damage shall not be covered by or claimable under the warranty. In the event of embedding the mobile home or closing the outer rim, it is necessary to provide forced ventilation of the air space under the chassis. The required exchange of air is 300 m³/h.

The roof is not a walking surface. Dirt must be removed from the gutters on a regular basis, as obstructions can clog the gutters, which can lead to water coming inside your mobile home. The mobile home must not be used if the load on the roof exceeds the prescribed load-bearing capacity. Remove excess load before entering the mobile home. Defects on equipment, walls or floors which are caused by water ingress resulting from not cleaning the gutters shall not be covered by or claimable under the warranty. Damage to the roof, walls, ceiling or other load-bearing elements resulting from excessive snow load due to the user's failure to clear the snow or other excessive load shall not be covered by or claimable under the warranty. In coastal areas, prolonged exposure to salty air can cause surface rusting on the chassis, exterior coverings, doors and windows and the roof. In order to avoid this issue, we recommend regular cleaning with a damp cloth or rinsing with a mild water jet. Surface rust is not claimable under warranty.

Furniture, upholstered equipment and interior walls are cleaned with a damp cloth and non-aggressive cleaning agents that will not damage the coated particle boards, i.e. cause the fabric on the upholstered equipment to become discoloured. Do not place wet or damp cloths on the wooden parts of the furniture. If the furniture gets wet, it should be wiped dry immediately. Damage to the equipment resulting from not heeding the warnings herein shall not be covered by or claimable under the warranty.

Do not clean the shower lining and shower tray using cleaning agents that are intended for cleaning ceramic bathroom fittings or by using drain cleaners.
Should you notice any water leaks in the shower area, stop using it immediately and notify the manufacturer. Any damages caused by prolonged exposure to water are not covered under warranty.

2.4. Transportation
It is prohibited to install steel cables of different lengths onto supports. Do not hang up the mobile home without the use of supports or by applying pressure to the
side walls.

If the mobile home is installed on a site where the slope is greater than 2.5%, there is a higher risk of the mobile home "slipping". This can lead to unwanted movements and possible damage to the interior fittings and/or structure. If the mobile home does not have proper drainage of rainwater, water mixed with mud/
sand/gravel can flow under the mobile home (due to the sloped terrain), which can cause damage to the mobile home in the long run. In the event of inadequate site preparation, the ground on which the mobile home is sited could suffer subsidence, which may lead to irreparable/repairable deformations, ingress of water into the interior, clogging of drains, sagging of equipment, doors and windows, furniture, etc. In this case, the warranty cannot be claimed.

2.5. Installation
Before the installation of cladding, auxiliary facilities and doing back-filling work around the mobile home, it is necessary to connect the wiring in the electrical boxes, i.e. run the conductors to an accessible distribution point on the outside part of the mobile home.

After connecting all the installations, it is necessary to check their functionality:
• electrical devices (lights, cookers, heaters, air conditioners, water heaters, etc.) gas appliances (hob, water heater, etc.)
• checking that plumbing installations are leak-tight and unobstructed (tightening the sink traps, flow of cold and hot water, etc.)
• leak-tightness of sewage drains from the mobile home (drainage of wastewater from sink traps inside the mobile home and outflow into the sewage network)
Any faults with the electrical and gas appliances, and leaks in the plumbing occurring after the mobile home has been installed should be immediately reported to the manufacturer.

In the event of cladding the mobile home with wooden laths, you should always provide good ventilation (at least 20% of the outer rim surface) to prevent condensation.
If the bottom section (chassis) of the mobile home is closed, backfilled or enclosed with a wall, it is necessary to provide ventilation under the mobile home (an air flow of at least 300 m³/h). Due to maintenance work, it is essential to provide access – a service opening under the mobile home in the area of the water and electricity connections. The size of the opening should be at least 100 × 60 cm (length × width).

In the event of insufficient ventilation of the mobile home under the chassis, the manufacturer shall not accept any warranty claims for the potential damages caused by excessive moisture (deformities of structural elements). Make sure that the terrace roof is sloped away from the mobile home. If the rainwater from the terrace roof drains onto the mobile home, the manufacturer shall not cover any resulting damages that may occur.