We offer practical training for school and university students

We invite students from the woodworking, mechanical, civil engineering and electrical engineering professions to take part in practical training at Adria Dom. This will give you valuable work experience while you are still at school, help you develop your potential under the guidance of experienced employees and increase your employability. We offer a dynamic - technical and challenging working environment. We expect candidates to have good work habits, a desire to learn, progress and work together in the long term.
We invest in the people of the future, so we offer a staff scholarship to candidates who particularly distinguish themselves. We also offer the opportunity to do holiday work, to produce seminar and diploma theses under the supervision of experienced staff and to find employment after training.
Applications for practical training are accepted at Adria Dom d.o.o., Kanižarica 135, 8340 Črnomelj or by e-mail: kadri@adria-home.com. For more information, please call 051-669-208 (Agnič Martina).