Most frequently asked questions:

Can I visit the Adria Home production plant and how to do it/schedule the appointment?
Of course, you can visit our production plant by prior arrangement and presentation of your project.
*Due to the Covid-19 situation, all visits must be announced in advance and approved by Adria Home. Visits are possible only on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9h and 13h.
Can you provide prices and price lists? 
If you provide us with a detailed enquiry containing the information and location of your project, and let us know which products are of interest to you, you will be informed about the basic prices. 
Can you send catalogues/brochures?
All our catalogues and brochures are available in PDF format after you sign up to our newsletter.
What are your transportation costs?
Transportation costs differ based on the quantity and the products themselves as well as the installation site. We can only inform you about the basic price after you provide us with accurate information about your country and your exact location. An international port must also be specified in the case of remote countries.
What are your installation costs?
Installation costs differ based on the quantity of the products as well as the installation site. The final price is determined when carrying out your project. A first-rate, professional installation is related to guarantee conditions.
Is it possible to purchase only one unit as a private customer?
If you are only purchasing one unit, please contact the nearest authorized dealer.
Which installation permits do your products require?
Permits for the installation of our products vary by country. You will receive the most accurate information from your official local authorities.
Do the prices include equipment and furniture?
All prices include equipment and furniture, except where otherwise is stated.
Is it possible to receive a full list of options available that can be added to the standard equipment?
All additional information can be obtained by sending in a proper enquiry. Contact a sales agent or an authorized dealer.
Where can I see the layouts and visuals of the interior?
All the layouts are presented on our website along with selected interior visuals. You can also take a virtual tour on our website to browse through most of our products.
Where can I see your installed products?
Our completed projects can be viewed on our website under the 'Projects' tab. The list of completed projects is updated regularly. 
Is customization of the products possible?
Customization and personalization of products when ordering a smaller quantity of units (1-25) is not possible. Additional information regarding your project can be obtained from a sales agent or an authorized dealer.
What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer a two-year general guarantee and a five to seven-year guarantee on construction in all product groups, depending on the product.
What is needed for the installation? Who does it and how does it work if the delivery takes place overseas/far away?
Our product installation requires proper groundworks, which have to be arranged by the buyer. Installations at remote/overseas locations are carried out in agreement with the sales agent. Certain products cannot be delivered to remote locations. Optionally, in the case of tents, for example, the buyer or an approved fitter can be instructed on how to do a professional and proper installation.
Can mobile homes be sited on private properties, gardens, etc.
In order to receive accurate information, please contact your local authorities responsible for such matters.
Can mobile homes be registered and have a license/registration plate?
In order to receive accurate information, please contact your local authorities responsible for such matters.
Why are they called “mobile homes”, when they are not actually movable?
They are referred to as mobile homes because of the wheels, which are fitted to facilitate manoeuvring before transport and at the installation site itself.
How can I become a dealer/sales representative for my country?
Contact us by email at info@adria-mobilehome.com to send us your detailed presentation and the idea for your project.
Can you provide details/info regarding the materials you use?
If you are already our customer, all the information is available to you.
Do you offer discounts on large orders?
Yes, we offer discounts based on your project.
Do you ship all your products all over the world?
It all depends on your project, but there are transport restrictions with certain products (for example, mobile or modular homes).
How does the shipment take place?
It depends on your project and installation site, as well as your agreement with a sales agent or authorized dealer.
How long does it take to have a mobile home delivered (from ordering to delivery and set up)?
It all depends on the time of the order and production capacity. At best, it takes three to four months.
How long does it take to have a mobile tent (from ordering to delivery and set up)?
It all depends on the time of the order and production capacity. At best, it takes three to four months.
Do you provide a maintenance/after sales service?
Yes, we also provide maintenance and after-sales services.
Whom do we contact if we are interested in your maintenance or after-sales service?
You can email us at service@adria-mobilehome.com.
How can I order spare parts?
For ordering spare parts, please contact our after-sales service at service@adria-mobilehome.com. When sending an enquiry or placing an order, you must specify the chassis number of the product.