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Boutique Hotel Portorose

Portorose, Slovenia

An upscale boutique hotel, expanded with additional outdoor accommodations, that provide premium-class service and topmost comfort in luxurious mobile homes for unforgettable experience of admirable holiday. Located in the beautiful city of Portorose, considered the most lively city in the heart of the picturesque Istrian region, this delightful hotel is jewel by the sea side. 

Mobile homes 2019

Deluxe mobile homes, developed around the hybrid layout of our flexible high-end Village (or VLine) mobile home series. Inside the refined Boutique Hotel Portorose, we have placed 8 luxury units of 30 m² from our Xline series. All houses are fully covered with wooden cladding and provided with a wooden large lounging patio facing the swimming pool, where sitting and enjoying breakfast in the morning. Houses feature a large customized bedroom area, polished parquet flooring, king sized bed and a large panoramic floor-to-ceiling window and finally, a spacious fully equipped bathroom of sleek and contemporary design. 

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